Sean Kilpatrick

studied forensic photography, worked as a movie critic (a book critic, a resume writer, a caregiver, a teacher at high schools and colleges, a library technician, a translator), published prose, poetry, and crit in two hundred magazines (Boston Review, Columbia Poetry Review, evergreen review, NERVE, FENCE, LIT, VICE, BOMB, DIAGRAM, New York Tyrant, Sleepingfish, Obsidian, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, The Quietus, young mag), completed several small books with various presses (available here and here), hosts a podcast, and will soon finalize a collected works.

Editorial Services

All prices negotiable / first page free – tangorobot at gmail dot com. Level 1 Cut: a little bit your secretary (very low price). Level 2 Cut: corpulent proofreading (low price). Level 3 Cut: full curation (medium price).


Class forthcoming on Theophile Gautier’s Preface to Mademoiselle De Maupin, John Davidson’s Poetry is Immoral, Alexander Theroux’s Metaphrastes: An Essay on Literature, Whistler’s Ten O’Clock lecture, George Saintsbury’s A History of English Prose Rhythm, Henry Sweet’s The History of Language, Hippolyte Taine’s History of English Literature, Herbert Read’s English Prose Style, Hugh Blair’ s Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres, and Logan Pearsall Smith’s Fine Writing.

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